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Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainers at Rogue Wellness Collective in Bristol, Vermont, want to work with you to achieve your goals. 

Whether you're training in-person at our private studio, or remotely, you'll have a true one-on-one experience, and training catered to your needs.


Learn more about our Personal Trainers below.


Our Personal Trainers

Nakeeya Deas, Certified Personal Trainer

I began my journey with health and wellness over 20 years ago. With a degree in English literature, I might say my calling for fitness was somewhat of a surprise! I worked my way through college as a personal trainer and then opened my own personal training studio in Marblehead, MA in 2004. Throughout the years I’ve worked as an owner, a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a Wellness Coordinator and most recently as a Director of Operations. These various roles have taught me so much about the world of fitness and business in general. 


I have worked with all demographics of people. My intentions are always to listen, set goals, and to help clients overcome obstacles so that they can be fit and strong at any age. Whether clients are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase flexibility, move well as they age, overcome injury, I can help them get there. 


I live in Bristol with my three kids and am thrilled to be working in town so that I can be more readily available for their ever changing needs. I loves to run, strength train and teach group fitness classes. I work hard to keep up with my continuing education as the industry is ever changing as are its best practices. I most recently attended the 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer conference in D.C. and am always looking forward to widening my scope of knowledge!




NASM Behavior Change Specialist

NASM Senior Strength Conditioning

Precision Nutrition Coach

CPR/AED American Red Cross


Lily Mead, CPT

Lily Mead is a Vermont native with an ESS degree from Colby and a nationally accredited certification in personal training. Lily's goal is about encouraging her clients to focus on a well rounded lifestyle which incorporates all aspects of health and wellness.

Lily's goals are to support you in reaching yours. She's a coach and your biggest cheerleader. She's invested in learning and growing with her clients, so that together, sustainable changes to better their lifestyle can be identified and maintained.

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Contact Lily:

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